CPSC Flammability Inspectors consider Quality Mattress Exemplary in recent Inspection
After an inspection of our facility in April of 2012 by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Comission (CPSC), Inspectors commented that they considered Quality Mattress Company to be exemplary in our production process, product handling, and recordkeeping...
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Craig Bed Provides Welcome Treatment Option for Huntington's Patients
The Pro-Care® Modular Rehab Bed (Craig-Bed) is being recognized as viable treatment option for patients suffering from Huntington's disease...
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Pro-Care® D-370 Rhino™ - Psychiatric Unit Mattress
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Pro-Care® D-370 Rhino™ Psychiatric Mattress


D-370 Psychiatric Mattress

Our D-370 Rhino™ - Psychiatric Unit mattress has been the choice of professionals for decades. Extremely durable, with all the safety features you look for in your Psych Unit, the D-370 Rhino™ is designed to take abuse, stay intact and remain safe! No taped edges to tear off - no vents to pull out. Its rugged construction means longer mattress life and greater economy. The Heavy Duty cover is waterproof, flame retardant, stain resistant, anti-bacterial, anti-static, self deodorizing, and resistant to abrasion.

This is the tough, Number One performer that's used in Psych Units coast to coast.



Order Information
D-370 "Rhino™" Mattress - 35" width x 76" length - 5 " Thickness weight: 21 lb
D-370 "Rhino™" Mattress - 35" width x 80 " length - 5 " Thickness weight: 22 lb
D-370 "Rhino™" Mattress - 35" width x 84 " length - 5 " Thickness weight: 23 lb
D-370 "Rhino™" Mattress - 35" width x 76" length - 6 " Thickness weight: 24 lb
D-370 "Rhino™" Mattress - 35" width x 80 " length - 6 " Thickness weight: 25 lb
D-370 "Rhino™" Mattress - 35" width x 84 " length - 6 " Thickness weight: 26 lb
D-370 "Rhino™" Mattress - Custom sizes available  


Mattress meets Federal Open-Flame Flammability Standard CPSC 16/CFR/Part1633, and Cigarette Standard Part 1632. All resilient materials used in the manufacture of this bed meet California Open Flame Standard T.B. #117.


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